Posted by: worthyplug | October 21, 2010

Weekly free download round-up

Each week I will bring you 3 songs available for free download (not necessarily released this week), so you don’t have to trawl the web looking for them.

This week has a Japanese theme to it, as I have just discovered the wonderful world of Japanese music I have been missing out on! I found a whole host of awesome artists on Virgin Babylon Records site today, and I just had to share them.

Track One

Les Enfants du Paradis by World’s End Girlfriend

When I discovered this project of Katsuhiko Maeda a few hours ago (via a 65daysofstatic thread on musicbanter), my first thought were that it was a “quirky” project with far too many sounds trying to be too complicated and do too much all at once. But I left it playing. By the time the song finished, I was hooked. I really have no idea how to define his sound. Wikipedia says

“blends elements of electronica, classical music, and post-rock to create his own style”

Personally, I’d throw pop, and about a thousand other genres in the mix too. I guess the craziness of it brings it back to post-rock, but I have never heard post-rock as uplifting and cheerful as this… It really strays from what you expect to hear in post-rock. It is truly astonishing. Yes, I do realise I have become one of those bloggers who over-hypes stuff,but, in all honesty, it’s been about 6 months since I was blown away this much.

A picture of Katsuhiko Maeda playing live

Katsuhiko Maeda playing live

Anyway, to the free download, courtesy of Virgin Babylon Records. Quite frankly, I haven’t been this addicted to a song since my mainstream radio listening days! Just look at my page…

My page, showing mu addiction to the song...

My page, showing my addiction to the song...

Direct download

The very poorly, and hideously designed myspace

I’ll definitely be investigating this guy further.

Track Two


Song of the Bird (dig ver) by about tess (yes, there are no proper nouns in the name, apparently)

The way I discovered this song was purely a mistake. When I was on the Virgin Babylon records, getting the free download from World’s End Girlfriend, I accidentally downloaded this song. I thought I understood why World’s End Girlfriend had been labelled as post rock. It was so different to the other stuff I’d heard, but I was still thinking “wow, this is still pretty damn awesome”. Then I realised it was some completely different artist. Silly me.

A picture of about tess managing to make post-rock look like J-pop...

about tess manage to make post-rock look like J-pop...

about tess are more of your traditional post-rock/Math rock band, except they have 2 guitarists, 2 bassists and 2 drummers. Their music is full of fury, and aggression. It feels experimental, and improvised, but manages to remain structured and crafted at the same time. I sincerely enjoyed this piece. Here is a free download, courtesy once again of Virgin Babylon Records.

Direct Download (right click -> Save link as)


Track 3
Monotonous Purgatory by Matryoshka


An artsy black & white shot of the duo

An artsy black & white shot of the duo

Wow. What a beautiful song. Seriously, the vocals, the violin and the piano will pull at your heart strings. It doesn’t matter that it is in a foreign language, it is just really pretty. For something other than post-rock I had to include this song (I could’ve included anything I found on Virgin Bayblon Record’s site). Matryoshka is made up of track maker Sen, and vocalist Calu. Described as Modern Classical, IDM (although I don’t hear that in this song) and Ambient, Matryoshka are an awe-inspiring duo, who make some really pretty experimental work. Calu’s vocals remind me somewhat of the vocals of finish folk band Paavoharju, and it is really haunting stuff.

Free song;

Direct Link


Honestly, I loved everything I head from Virgin Babylon Record’s artists. But, I only have space for 3. So, if you like what you’ve heard, head over to their artist page!



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