Because I’m pretentious enough to feel I should have this, I will. Basically, I will plug any artists that I feel are left far too “undiscovered” by the general public. I’m not talking about your Porcupine Tree’s, or your Boards of Canada’s, I’m referring to truly “underground” (fuck, I hate that word) bands, that have small followings. They will most likely work multiple jobs, and will struggle to survive as musicians, but manage make fantastic music.

Seeing I am “plugging” these artists, I will only do ones I actually like/feel deserve it, otherwise it defeats the purpose! If you have any artists you think I should take a look at (even if it’s yourself), feel free to contact me!

I won’t just do this, otherwise it’d get a little boring. But, I will post reviews on albums, and other thoughts I have.

Want to hear my beautiful falsetto? Head over here!


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